A complete survey of this 210 000 ft2 building was carried out to produce CAD drawings of all the floors. Starting from the dirt floor foundations up to the highest storey; classes, cafeteria, gymnasiums and auditorium, all have been surveyed and reproduced in digital format. A 3D BIM model was produced to create the drawings of all the floors, this process took approximately the same time a CAD outlining would have taken. Afterwards, all the data structuration and blocs were transferred to Autocad for final optimization !

BIM Model’s benefit is that many elements can be easily detected such as outskirts, surfaces and volumes. The types and total numbers of doors, windows, plumbing equipment and rooms can also easily be extracted. For example, the number of classrooms on the first floor or the number of science classrooms on the second floor, and their total areas, are both types of information easy to obtain from BIM 3D models.

Scan 2 Bim is the modern way to obtain all the information you need!

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