A series of archaeological digs on Mailhot-Curran site have uncover remains associated to 6 long houses dating from around 1500 AD.

iSCAN team had the opportunity to scan the archaeological remains as well as the historical reconstitutions of the long houses of Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha site. The combining of both plans led to the setting of a basis for an archaeological reconstitution of the site and its ancient scenery. An exercise that takes us not too far back in the past… and which might open the way to future more advanced simulations.

The excavation was completed in 2014 by the University of Montreal’s archaeological team in the St-Anicet region, MRC of the Haut-St-Laurent. We are grateful to the MCCQ, University of Montreal’s team and the MRC for their respective contributions.

Document the past, in the present, for the future? Yes we sCAN!


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