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Forillon National Park on the Gaspé Peninsula

In order to redevelop the Forillon National Park on the Gaspé Peninsula, the iSCAN 3D team digitized a dozen buildings in their current state. How is this approach useful? It measures and replicates the MIM 3D models for professionals. This project has been realized with the firm BGLA architecture+design of Québec.


Step 1: Collect data

The first step is to collect the data needed to recreate buildings in 3D. To achieve this, the team scanned both the inside and outside of the buildings. It made sure that they were aligned with each other to get a comprehensive and accurate picture of the buildings.


Step 2: Assemble data

Once the data were collected, the team integrated them into REVIT, the software used for this project. Based on the measurements, the team recreates the building in 3D. Everything is there: the location of the walls, doors, windows, toilets, etc. to the nearest centimeter!


Step 3: Production of a scale model

Once the 3D model is completed, it is exported in a format compatible with 3D printing. This was how the Expression 3D team created the scale model of the real buildings. This gives the project managers a better overview of the current situation on the ground. All they have to do now is test their ideas to better plan the next steps.

Reproducing the past, in the present, for the future?  Yes we SCAN!

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