Floor distortions and sloping concrete slab

An office-space tenant needed to verify the floor levels of problematic spaces for employees. To assess the distortions of the building’s floor, the iSCAN team went on-site with its equipment. The distortions were rapidly found, using a millimeter precision level.  Everything was shown as a plan and the distortions were represented by a color code on 5 cm.

As shown in the image, yellow-orange zones are related to bulges in the floor, that is, where levels are higher than they should be. The dark blue zones represent hollows, showing where floor levels are lower than average. These exaggerated profiles effectively mapped out these deviations.  The owner now knows exactly where to proceed to level the floor of these premises.

In order to maximize the added value to the 3D scan, the iSCAN team also superimposed the existing plans of the building. This determined that the actual plans were not quite up to date.

The same approach was used on a new construction to measure the deviations of the slabs of a structure being built. This by far is more complete than a conventional land survey. With the expertise of iSCAN, you always know precisely what you want to know about the construction of your building!

Document the past, in the present, for the future? Yes we sCAN!

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