Scan 3D and building life cycle

Numérisation 3D

For a school, an hospital or other public places, all transformation projects should begin with the documentation of wha’s currently existing. 3D scanning brings an important aspect to projects as it allows to quickly capture, with a high degree of accuracy, the existing layout of about anything visible.

If your needs revolve around architecture, engineering of a building or its mechanical components, a follow-up on a construction site, surveying, the adjacent civil structures or the conservation and restauration of a heritage site or artefact, there is a great added value that comes with 3D scanning.

The reduction of risks of a project by accurately drawing (2D CAD) the existing conditions, the 3D modelling and BIM based on the 3D scan, the monitoring of deformations and movements and realistic photogrammetry by drone or on the ground is undeniable. The documents will help professionals and managers for project planification, help during the project itself and for the entire exitance of the subject.

The team at iSCAN have had the opportunity to collaborate on a plethora of projects and is available to assist your team for the success of projects.

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