The “CERAS ” arena project at UQTR

3D Simulation

Regional Center for Academic and Athletic Excellence (CERAS)

iSCAN has worked in collaboration with the architects to produce 3D images of the CAPS building at the University of Trois-Rivières (UQTR). The images were part of the project feasibility study presented in April 2014. This preliminary evaluation for the new 5000 seat arena illustrates the input and contribution of 3D scanning in simulations along with an asset of precise technical information for future projects!

The 3D scan of the site, matched with airborne LIDAR of the area and the integration a proposed 3D architectural layout, help visualize the actual volumes in their surroundings. The further the data is treated, the closer the model will match reality.

Document and simulate the future in the present? Yes we sCAN!

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