Civil Engineering

Producing hyper-precise underground surveys of infrastructures in a secure way and without going down?

iSCAN has developed a surveying technique from the surface that allows scanning inside a manhole, sewers or drainage and document all the different elements in a secure way.

The benefits are quite noticeable because:

  • Our surveys can be immediately performed after a gas test.
  • All the work protocol for restraint spaces can be reduced since we survey without entering the holes.
  • The survey is quick, precise and brings a detailed visualization.
  • It is possible to identify structural problems or cracking.
  • The ability to produce blueprints of all the scanned elements.
  • 3D scans can be georeferenced with surface elements while leaving indications on road lines or pavement, buildings, topography, etc.
  • These data can be transformed into a 3D model for better visualization and measurements.

Want to know more, and implement the solution ?

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